Privacy Policy

We will not sell or rent your information. Every account on the website is associated with a profile that is maintained by the account holders; each profile includes email addresses, names, and other information about you or your organization. The website will not publish your account profile or information like email addresses and telephone numbers that would allow parties outside the scope of the provided services to contact you or your organization. We may share non-identifying information like click-through rates, page views, and other statistics and reports that do not identify you or your organization. The website will make any information available if required by law.

The website maintains a record of the transactions and operations performed; this is essential to the provided services. Information submitted to the website is used strictly for providing the services. Some communities may have different access policies with respect to the availability of drawings and other information related to the services; these configurations are specified when the services are configured for clients.® | ©2023 Arcadis | Privacy | Terms of Use