Jubilee Heights / Developer: Couverdon

Welcome to Jubilee Heights

Jubilee Heights is designed to be a complete community; a residential neighbourhood centered by a mixed use village acting as the social gathering place with abundant exposure to nature and recreational opportunities. Jubilee Heights will feature an expansive range of housing types (estate lots, traditional lots, duplex, town/row-homes, low-rise apartment) and price points, which will cater to people across a broad range of ages and life-stages (from young families to retirees and grandparents).
The Jubilee Heights neighbourhood has been master-planned as a complete, and sustainable neighborhood that integrates mixed residential and commercial uses with community amenities in a manner which promotes walkability and social connection. Comprised predominantly of single family homes, Phase 1 will also offer a small number of low-rise ground oriented multi-family (townhome) sites adjacent to the future commercial village. Single family lots will be in the 6,400 - 8,300 sq.ft. range (i.e. 54' - 87' frontage). This phase is designed to benefit from its proximity to the commercial village, Dogwood Trail, and transportation amenities and conveniences... extremely walkable.
Establishing an appropriate architectural form and character is critical to the success of the Jubilee Heights Neighbourhood. A carefully chosen architectural character can convey a desirable image, differentiate the project from its competitors, and establish a recognizable and coherent statement. In the case of Jubilee Heights, an enduring architectural motif has been selected, one which has a distinct yet timeless quality. The architectural character is based on west coast contemporary design vernacular with elements of the arts and crafts, craftsman, prairie and modern farmhouse styles and is focused on stone, timber and other natural building materials.

Website: http://www.jubileeheights.com

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